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Yard Signs & Custom Lawn Signs

Yard Signs & Custom Lawn Signs

When you add yard signs to the front of your business or a parking lot entrance, your potential customers are sure to take notice. The Republican political operative, who spent six years as an Iowa legislator in the ’90s and was once the head of the Iowa GOP, launched a company in 1999 called , and it’s treated him well ever since, earning revenue in the tens of millions during election years.

We have built our business around the needs of political candidates and campaign organizers, specializing in durable, high quality political signs, yard signs, lawn signs, polybag signs, double sided yard signs, corrugated plastic signs , large corrugated plastic signs and the widest assortment of campaign promotions, including election pens and pencils , labels , buttons , emery boards , banners , bumper stickers and magnetic bumper stickers plus many more items.YARD SIGNS

The most exciting part of this current era in mainstream political design – and I use the word exciting” advisedly – is realizing how fresh it all really is. Think what you want about Barack Obama and his call for change, but one change his 2008 campaign made that you can’t deny was the way it revolutioned how American political ephemera looks and functions.

Organizers in Obama’s Virginia campaign offices have been sternly instructed to focus on those numbers by spending long, exhausting days recruiting volunteers instead of spending their limited time worrying about whether there are enough yard signs to go around.

Despite all the disappearing acts, both sides predict more bumper stickers and yard signs will be popping up in October as people start tuning in more closely to the November election. Intricate designs and cuts are simply not compatible with a corrugated plastic yard sign.

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