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How To Clean the HEPA Filter on Your Silent Ultra Super Shark Vacuum

The hepa clear out in your silent extremely remarkable shark vacuum euro-seasoned hv122 will need to be wiped clean now and again. In any case, it’s miles made to capture debris. Right here are the steps you want to take to smooth the hepa clear out in your hv122 extraordinary shark.

Open the dirt cup

The primary issue you need to do is open the dust cup on your purifier. To try this, push the button at the back and permit the dirt cup to detach. It’ll come off of the lower back of your hand unit.

Take out the clear out

As soon as the dust cup, which catches a whole lot of the dirt and dirt, is off, appearance inside and you may see the hepa filter. Reach in and pull out the filter for cleansing, pull gently and it’ll come out fairly without di